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You can catch us all at a local “car nights” every week at a new designated location each month!

Five Alive, the legendary program run by the inimitable Rabbi Yoskeh Levin, is joining forces with TAG Academy. On June , these two programs are running a joint fundraising campaign led by Righteous Raising to save our boys!

Every year, hundreds of boys fall through the cracks in our Yeshiva system. Too many are rejected from Yeshivas, leading to a downward cycle of despair, depression and apathy. Others struggle with issues which make it difficult for them to succeed in Yeshiva. Still more boys have talents, strengths and needs which are not catered for by many educational institutions. Parents are left fumbling in the dark, without the resources and tools to help their children succeed.

Noticing the gaping need in the educational system, TAG Academy launched at the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year and is completing an incredibly successful first year, with over 40 bochurim joining the program. Parents and bochurim alike have raved about the respect and love the Yeshiva has for each student, the growth the Yeshiva has fostered for each bochur, and the well-rounded program which caters for every individual.

This campaign is an opportunity to show up and tell the next generation YOU CARE. YOu are worthy of love and attention and the chance to learn and apply Chassidus to your life. By participating in this campaign, you let every individual teenager know that they don’t need to fit into a small box to succeed. Their unique strengths and talents are worthy of being nurtured. Their differences don’t make them less than others; they are also a valuable part of our Anash community.