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As Crown Heights families grapple with the soaring costs of food and household goods amid rising inflation, מעות חיטים is even more prevalent

For many local families, the soaring cost of food and household goods has turned the challenge of preparing for Pesach from difficult to nearly impossible financially. Righteous Fundraising Team has fielded hundreds and hundreds of requests for help — requests they are determined will not go unanswered.

Righteous CEO Zalman Hertz asked his Tanya Chavrusa philanthropist Joseph Popack to help out and B”H he did 

Thanks to Popack’s anchoring gift, hundreds of families have already received yom tov aid packages containing fish, meat and chicken, produce, grocery staples and more — but hundreds more await the generosity of their neighbors during these times of financial uncertainty. Plz donate to 18k campaign to distribute to many more families in need 

The distribution was overseen by legendary baalas chesed Devorah Scheiner of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, who for decades has stood at the helm of assisting local families and individuals in need.